And A Happy New Year!

And A Happy New Year!

(Photo credit: Brooke Lark)

Hey friends- guess what! December marks ONE YEAR of Jess Kidding– and what a fun one it’s been!

Throughout this year I’ve written a little, and learned a lot. I’ve met countless wonderful people through this online space, and have even been remembered by some of you for a few fun award nominations. I’m so grateful to each person who has taken the time to explore this blog, and I’m thankful that God helped me remember one of my true passions in writing.

– • – • – • – • –

Come On, 2019

Well, you know what they say about accountability and reaching your goals! It’s important, or something like that. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So why not share a few hopes for 2019?

The idea of setting goals for a new year has always been exciting to me because there is just something about making a list that makes my little Type A heart so happy. It’s such a great way to set an intention and bring about the hope and excitement of a positive change. Plus, sharing your goals with the ones you love usually means they can help you along, nudge you when your resolve becomes stale, or well, tease you when February comes and you’ve forgotten about a few of them.

(Photo credit: Georgia de Lotz)

So here’s a few small things I’m hoping to conquer in 2019:

1. Live with less

  • I have been so captivated by the idea of minimalism. I’ve read and researched the intentions behind it and how to go about making decisions and taking action to declutter your life. I am a person who loves organization and wide open spaces, and am looking forward to taking steps toward living with less and filling my heart with more of what matters.
  • 2. Quilt
    • (Any quilters out there?!) I’m a crafty being at heart. Creating makes me content and over the last year I have come to love sewing. I’ve been studying quilting at the good old school of YouTube and just bought my first true quilt pattern and supplies. I’ve made blankets and rag quilts but can’t wait to get started on a real quilt.

    3. Choose 3 unhealthy foods to eliminate from my diet

    • That’s right. I’m not looking to lose a bunch of weight, or committing to running 5 miles a day. I just want to make a small change to make my life a little healthier.

    4. Maintain my morning Bible time

    • Being the first one up when the house is quiet and spending quality time with God has made an extraordinary change in my mood, my attitude, and my life. It’s my goal to keep this up!
  • – • – • – • – • –
  • There you have it! I try not to set goals that are so big that they become discouraging or impossible. Instead, I like to focus on just a few things that will bring a little more peace and happiness into my life. I think each of these things can also help me to bring peace and happiness to others as well. If my space is less cluttered, it can become a better space to show hospitality. If I become a successful quilter I can have something meaning to gift to people to show them love. If I’m healthier, I teach my kids to be healthier. And if I stick close to the words of God, I can live by them and help others to do the same.

    If you’d like to hear more about my progress with decluttering, quilting, or any of these resolutions, let me know in the comments below. I’d also love to hear what some of you are resolving to do in this new year and be a source of encouragement for you!

    Until next year….

    I hope 2019 becomes a year of many blessings and easy lessons for you all. I hope that the changes you make bring you closer to Christ and closer to each other. And I hope that you are led on the path that God has set for you, and never stray from it.

    Happy New Year my friends!

    (Photo credit: Lauza Loistl)

    8 thoughts on “And A Happy New Year!

    1. Congratulations on having completed your first year of blogging! With the various recognition awards that are passed around, I have come to read (and follow) more fellow Christian blogs. That has been a blessing for me. I love the community of believers who are led to share with others. Blessings for 2019. Ward

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