Things My Kids Say Thursday #8

Things My Kids Say Thursday #8

My 8-year-old son is such a trooper!

Early last month he broke his arm (his left arm- and he’s a lefty, of course.) There were no tears in the ER or even at the office when he was having his cast put on. The weekly X-rays he had done afterward were looking good for a short time- but then one revealed healing wasn’t happening quite as it should and so we scheduled a procedure to have the issue corrected.

He kept his cool as the medical team prepped him, but I could see that the IV was nerve wracking for him. After all was said and done, (and the procedure went well,) he recapped his experience with his dad. Since I was the only one able to be with him in the prep area before his procedure, he was telling Dad all about what they did to get him ready. He then explained his stress at having the IV started:

Son: When they started talking about an “IV” the first thing I thought of was poison IVY!

– • – • – • – • –

In all my careful explanation before taking him in for his procedure, I had apparently failed to explain just what an IV actually is. This poor kid- no wonder he was stressed about it!

What are things your kids have misheard or misunderstood that have made you laugh?

9 thoughts on “Things My Kids Say Thursday #8

  1. I pray your son heals fast! Our son broke his left arm when he was 4. He is 8 now. He fell from the monkey bars at school. He spent 2 days at Children’s Hospital and the break was so bad they almost had to amputate his arm. He healed perfectly and he doesn’t have any trouble with his arm. That was a hard time for our family and I will be praying for your son and your family. God bless you all!

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  2. My four-year old and I were taking an early summer walk. He found a pile of white fluff (cottonwood seeds) on the ground and picked it up. “Oh, look, Mom!” he exclaimed, holding it up for me to see. “A piece of cloud fell down!”

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