Things My Kids Say Thursday

Things My Kids Say Thursday

Me: What did you do at school today?

7.5-year-old: I got bored and Googled my name.

Me: Oh yeah, what did you find?

7.5 Y.O.: Just a picture of an old man with my name, so, I know what my future is going to look like now.

– • – • – • –

…………………….Seems legitimate.

What have your kids said or done this week that made you laugh?

6 thoughts on “Things My Kids Say Thursday

  1. Kids are so funny. One morning last year a boy in 5th grade at the school where I teach moms asked me, “Are you a teacher?” I told him yes. Then he asked, “What kind of teacher are you?” I told him I teach moms English. Then he asked, “Is my mom in your class?” I asked who his mom is and told him yes she is in my class. Then came the fun question, “Is she doing good in your class?”

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